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Get to Know the History of Concrete

Believe it or not, concrete has a pretty extensive history. As explained in this article from ConcreteNetwork.com, concrete spans over 5,000 years and multiple civilizations. People have always relied on it for architecture, infrastructure, and more. Keep reading as we go through the timeline of

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How Expansion Joints Can Help Your Concrete

Have you ever heard of expansion joints? Designed to safely absorb the expansion and contraction of different construction materials caused by heat, it’s no secret why these joints are used for various architectural structures. Take a moment to think about high rises in particular. These

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Top Warning Signs of Concrete Slab Failure

A whopping 60 percent of all homes built on expansive soils will suffer from foundation distress at some point. When part of the foundation settles, it can cause cracks and other significant damage. In this blog post at Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, we will

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What’s the ROI of Concrete Repair?

For many homeowners, this is the ideal time of year to think about home improvement projects. You may have a bathroom or kitchen that could use some remodeling, for example. But have you thought about calling a concrete contractor to handle cracks in your foundation?

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