How Expansion Joints Can Help Your Concrete

Have you ever heard of expansion joints? Designed to safely absorb the expansion and contraction of different construction materials caused by heat, it’s no secret why these joints are used for various architectural structures. Take a moment to think about high rises in particular. These tall buildings are exposed to various factors such as weather, velocity, seismic activity, etc. That’s why engineers use expansion joints to absorb vibration and enable movement due to earthquakes and other ground settlements. Most commonly, expansion joints are found between sections of bridges, sidewalks, piping structures, railway tracks, and other structures. Keep reading to learn about the role of expansion joints in concrete repair.

Keep in mind that concrete slabs contract and expand throughout the year as the temperature rises and falls. Typically, expansion joints are manufactured at standard dimensions and can range anywhere from 1 to 200 inches in diameter. Perhaps most importantly, though, is that they can withstand temperatures from -300 degrees Fahrenheit to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that you have a general idea of expansion joints, let’s dive into how they relate specifically to concrete lifting and concrete repair.

Expansion Joints and Caulking

Expansion joints that are well-maintained can significantly prolong the life of your concrete. Over time, expansion joints deteriorate, allowing water to penetrate beneath the slab which causes settling and an uneven surface. At Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, our concrete raising company can replace expansion joints with an easy process that helps prevent future damage. Our experienced concrete contractors first remove the rotted wood from the joints and clean them out. After taping around the joint, our concrete raising professionals fill it with a silicone-based caulk. This essentially creates a watertight seal that expands and contracts along with the slabs to keep water out. Plus, the caulk is water-resistant.

About Our Concrete Raising Company

For years, we’ve provided concrete services throughout central Texas. As a Top Rated Local® concrete contractor, we make it a point to provide outstanding customer service and exceed our clients’ expectations. We understand that many homeowners and business owners alike know very little about concrete. Not to worry though, as we will always ensure that the solution we come up with for your concrete dilemma is safe and level.

In the past, concrete repair was messy, invasive, and only temporary. At Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, we only use eco-friendly, sustainable materials that provide long-lasting results. Thanks to concrete lifting foam, we’re able to effectively raise your cement while also getting to the root of the problem. Unlike other local concrete repair companies, we don’t believe in putting a band-aid on a broken leg so to speak.

It’s no secret that homeowners must act quickly when their concrete begins to sink. Whether you need concrete services for your interior slabs, pool deck, or driveway, you can rest assured that we will restore your concrete at a price that won’t break the bank. If you’re a veteran, law enforcement officer, firefighter, or teacher, be sure to ask about our 10% discount! We’re as much invested in the community as you are.

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