Pflugerville is a growing community outside of Austin, Texas. Known for its small-town living, Pflugerville is a great, family-oriented community rich in heritage and tradition. Pflugerville has its share of residential concrete repair needs. From concrete slab leveling to concrete caulking, Concrete Leveling Technologies offers a full-service fast concrete repair in Pflugerville. Below, we’ll go over just a few of our many services. Contact us today for your residential fast concrete repair!


  • Pool deck leveling. Pool deck leveling is easy with our polyurethane concrete leveling system. Through tiny holes, we use expanding polyurethane foam to fill and lift your concrete for a smooth, level finish.
  • Concrete expansion joint repair. Repairing your residential concrete expansion joints will prevent further damage and deterioration over time.
    Concrete driveway leveling. With the number of times you drive in and out of your driveway, it’s no wonder your driveway takes a beating. In Pflugerville, we can use fast concrete repair techniques to level out your driveway for a smooth, pleasant finish.

Concrete Leveling Technologies offers residential concrete repair in Pflugerville. Polyurethane foam cures quickly, and you’ll have level concrete in no time. Contact us in Pflugerville today!

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