If the support from the soil is uneven, some areas of your concrete are going to sink and crack, resulting in an unstable slab. While anything but pretty to look at, uneven concrete can also be a hazard for kids, employees, and anyone walking around the area.


Once you’ve had your concrete slab leveling completed, having your expansion joints sealed with silicone will help protect the slabs from further damage. By not allowing water to penetrate beneath, you can avoid future settling and washout problems.

If you notice that you have cracked, damaged, and sinking concrete, do not wait. Call the professionals today and let us help you with your concrete repair. Backed by almost a decade of experience, we know what we are doing when it comes to concrete leveling and we do it the best. Our goal is to provide you with an unconventional method of raising your concrete, leveling the ground and ensuring that your slab is safe, without harming the surrounding landscape.