Soil Stabilization In Central Texas

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Soil stabilization involves the strategic injection of soil stabilizers deep beneath residences and structures, strengthening their foundation. This process permanently alters the molecular composition of the underlying soil, boosting its load-bearing capacity. Clay is the smallest soil type and gains plasticity when wet and can become deformed from its original placement or shape very easily. In central Texas, wet and dry clay soil often triggers the problematic swelling and contraction cycles beneath properties. Over time, these fluctuations can inflict substantial harm to foundations, leading to cracks in walkways and various structural issues.

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Does My Property Need Soil Stabilization?

Many homes in central Texas are built on clay soil. If your home is one of those, you might notice some damage in your home. Look out for cracks showing up on your walls, uneven floors, or doors and windows that suddenly get tricky to open or close. Even your driveway might start showing cracks.

If you let these problems go unchecked, they can turn into big headaches that cost a ton of money. Instead of just needing a stabilizing injection to keep things solid under your home, you might end up having to do an expensive job like replacing the whole foundation of your home!


Serving Central Texas With soil stabilization Solutions

Our soil stabilizer works its magic without causing any disturbance to your home or landscaping. It’s injected subtly around your home’s perimeter, reaching down 8 feet below the surface. This process is all about making sure your soil can handle the weight of your home better, keeping it strong and sturdy to prevent any future damage to your house and its foundation.

And here’s the best part: our product is completely safe! It’s non-toxic, so it won’t harm kids, pets, or the environment.


Get started today for peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your foundation racking up huge repair bills in the future. It’s like an insurance policy for your home’s stability and your wallet’s health.