Uneven Pool Deck? We Can Help

Your damaged pool deck is anything but beautiful. Cracked, uneven, and frankly a hazard, it’s easy to overlook the deck, putting your attention and focus elsewhere. There comes a time, though, where this eyesore is the only thing you notice, progressively getting worse with time. If your pool deck is a distraction from your luxurious water oasis, you need a fast, permanent, and affordable solution.

When pool deck repair is on your to-do list, you can count on Concrete Leveling Technologies. As the professionals who know what they are doing, it is our pride and honor to provide you with an innovative solution to stabilize your pool deck and make it look like new.



What We Can Do

Whether your pool deck has sunk due to the construction process or settling of the soil, what matters is that you don’t have concrete that looks like a mess. Raising the slabs that have sunk, we are well-equipped with the right machinery and eco-friendly materials that allow us to provide a solution, unlike traditional mudjacking solutions. Creating less of a mess, and withstanding the test of time, our poly-foam leveling is a wonderful and simple way to make concrete safe again.

Instead of having to destroy your existing deck, our simplistic solution is an all-encompassing resolution for all your concrete leveling needs. By creating penny-sized holes into your sunken concrete slabs, we inject the expanding poly-foam underneath the surface and watch as your concrete rises. Because this mixture is self-rising, it fills in all the loose soil, increasing stability and the soil’s overall, load-bearing capabilities, while giving you confidence in your pool deck again.

If your pool deck is less than perfect, contacts us today. Receive a free in-home consultation, and find out why so many trust Concrete Leveling Technologies as their foundation repair specialists and go-to for all concrete services.