Everything You Should Know About Concrete Repair With Foam

Concrete repair has come a long way throughout the years. Gone are the days when you would have to wait weeks just for the surface to be usable again. Today, more concrete contractors rely heavily on polyurethane foam for a solution. Why exactly? Well, it’s certainly less messy and invasive compared to traditional concrete raising methods such as mudjacking. Not only that, but poly foam proves to be longer-lasting as well. In this blog post, we will dive further into poly foam, how it works, and cost information.

How to Lift Concrete with Polyurethane Foam

Concrete Leveling Technologies uses a step-by-step process when fixing a client’s settled concrete. We start out by drilling penny-sized holes into the slabs that need to be lifted. You can feel comfortable knowing that these holes are much smaller and require fewer injection points as opposed to mudjacking. From there, we inject the two-part foam into the void. Keep in mind that as the foam reacts and expands, the slabs are raised back to their proper position. Once we’ve finished, our concrete leveling experts seal the holes so that you have a nice, flat surface that’s both safer and more attractive. The benefits of poly foam don’t stop there, though. This solution adds strength and load-bearing capability to the soil beneath, ensuring the slab lasts for many years to come.

How Much Does Foam Jacking Cost?

When it comes to raising concrete, there is no one set price across the board. The cost is usually determined by factors like how far the concrete has sunken, how many square feet the void appears to be underneath, the size and number of broken concrete pieces, as well as the number of cracks in the concrete. You can expect our contractors to evaluate these conditions prior to coming up with a quote.

Many homeowners and business owners fall into the trap of thinking, “I can’t really afford that right now, so I’ll wait it out a few more years.” But be aware that delaying getting in touch with a professional will only increase the cost. Chances are that the void will become larger, requiring more foam to lift and stabilize the sunken concrete.     

Trust An Experienced Concrete Raising Company

We love being able to use the industry’s most innovative technologies for the benefit of clients. It’s no secret that polyurethane foam is a huge part of that. As San Marcos Top Rated Local® concrete contractor, we strive to be more than just a foundational repair team. Our staff makes it a point to put clients first, regardless of the project. That means explaining the issue, providing education behind what caused it, and then offering multiple possibilities for concrete leveling solutions. Through this extensive communication, clients are able to make a well-informed decision on their own.  

Concrete Leveling Technologies is all about bringing you incredible service at an affordable price. Rather than try to learn how to lift concrete on your own and risk further damage to your property, put your trust in the hands of the professionals. We only use eco-friendly, sustainable materials that lead to long-lasting results.

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