Top Five Reasons to Use Polyurethane Foam Instead of Mudjacking

Even though many concrete contractors continue to rely on mudjacking for concrete leveling, the fact is that there’s a better alternative. Polyurethane concrete lifting has overtaken mudjacking in recent years as the premier solution. In this blog post, we will explain what specifically makes this concrete lifting foam the better choice.

  1. Convenience – Keep in mind that concrete takes time to sufficiently cure, meaning structures such as driveways and sidewalks can’t be used until curing is complete. Rest assured that our concrete raising company in Austin goes the extra mile in taking care of our clients. By using the polyurethane foam, we can make your surface ready for use much sooner after the project is done.
  2. Overall look – Have you ever seen concrete following mudjacking? If not, it’s important to know that this injection method does quite the number on your concrete. Don’t be surprised if you find ugly drill holes following a project in which the concrete contractor chose mudjacking as the technique.
  3. Cost – Believe it or not, some companies charge customers as much as double the cost of what poly foam would be for concrete leveling with mudjacking.
  4. Structural integrity – It’s a bit head-scratching why mudjacking remains fairly popular when you take the amount of damage it causes into account. Why would you invest in this type of concrete raising only to realize that you’ll need to shell out even more money for additional concrete repairs? It’s common for mudjacking to cause damage to surrounding landscapes, which as a homeowner, can be incredibly frustrating. Polyfoam, on the other hand, is not nearly as invasive.
  5. Easy to deal with – This ties in a bit with the convenience factor. Mudjacking can be noisy, disruptive, and dangerous since it requires digging and heavy equipment. Again, that’s not the case with polyfoam.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Raising?

Are you wanting a quicker, easier, and more affordable way to fix your sunken concrete? Concrete Leveling Technologies has been an industry leader for years, providing valuable concrete leveling services at the most competitive price. Gone are the days when mudjacking was the lone option for handling settled concrete. Rather than opt for a technique that’s messy, invasive, and temporary, think of how you can benefit from polyfoam.  

Here’s how this innovative concrete lifting foam works. Our concrete contractors first drill penny-sized holes into the slabs in need of lifting. We then inject the two-part foam into the void. Once the foam reacts and expands, the slabs are raised back to the proper position. To complete the job, we seal the holes and leave you with a nice, flat surface that’s both safe and ready to use. Our customers also appreciate that the polyfoam adds strength and load-bearing capability to the soil beneath, guaranteeing that your slab withstands the test of time.

Rather than try to learn how to lift concrete on your own, put your trust in concrete contractors who will get the job done right. And, if you’re considering replacing your concrete, be sure to consult Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin first. Concrete replacement can be exponentially more costly than concrete leveling with polyfoam.

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