Get to Know the History of Concrete

Believe it or not, concrete has a pretty extensive history. As explained in this article from, concrete spans over 5,000 years and multiple civilizations. People have always relied on it for architecture, infrastructure, and more. Keep reading as we go through the timeline of concrete.

3000 BC – Egyptian Pyramids

The earliest forms of concrete were used by the Egyptians, the original concrete contractors, as they built pyramids. At the time, they mixed mud and straw to form bricks and used gypsum and lime to make mortars.

300 BC – 476 AD-Roman Architecture

The ancient Romans certainly didn’t have modern cement at their disposal, but they made the best of what they had. Considering they were able to construct the Colosseum and the Pantheon, you’d be hardpressed to challenge their effort. Fun fact: the Romans also used animal products in the cement as an early form of admixtures.  

1889 – Alvord Lake Bridge

This bridge was the first reinforced concrete bridge and it still exists today. Check out the Alvord Lake Bridge if you ever visit San Francisco.

1891 – Concrete Street

Two years later, the first concrete street in the U.S. was built in Ohio. This feat would set the stage for the first concrete high-rise and home over the next 17 years.

1936 – Hoover Dam

Located on the Colorado River bordering Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam remains a sight to see. Even in 2017, it’s one of the largest scale concrete projects ever completed.

1950s – Decorative Concrete

Brad Bowman is credited for developing the Bomanite process, the original cast-in-place, colored, textured, and imprinted concrete paving in California. It’s safe to say that decorative concrete has seen plenty of growth since Bowman’s development more than 60 years ago. Today, concrete is used as a decorative element that can enhance the decor of just about any space.

1980s – Concrete Countertops

Buddy Rhodes cast his first concrete countertop in this decade. Even more than 30 years later, homeowners routinely choose them thanks to their durability, beauty, and customization options.

1992 – Tallest Concrete Building

The 65-story building was built in Chicago and is only known by its street address, 311 South Wacker Drive.  

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