What is Mudjacking?

Let’s say that you need concrete repairs done at your home as quickly as possible. You get in touch with a local concrete leveling company that presents mudjacking as the best strategy to fix the problem. In this blog post, we will explain what mudjacking is and when it should be used.


Also known as “slab-jacking,” mudjacking involves lifting a building, driveway, or any object by pumping concrete underneath the item to be lifted. In most cases where mudjacking is used, a contractor will use a low-strength concrete. Keep in mind that mudjacking is a convenient and inexpensive way to lift driveways, pool decks, patios, and other concrete structures between 3 to 6 inches thick.

The big sell with mudjacking is that it’s fast. While pouring new concrete takes several days to complete, mudjacking can typically be done in a fraction of the time. It’s important to know that concrete contractors will use mudjacking when a foundation is so weak that piers or piling can not be installed. However, note that this technique should be avoided if there is a chance that the soil under the mud will expand. Should this happen, the overlying structure will move upwards.

Concrete Leveling Alternatives

Just two months ago, we provided five reasons to use polyurethane foam instead of mudjacking. Without completely regurgitating that post, let’s make it simple. There’s no question that mudjacking is a quick technique for concrete repair. However, it’s messy, invasive, and a short-term solution. At Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, we only use polyurethane foam for our concrete leveling services.    

How Poly Foam Works

The process starts when our concrete experts drill penny-sized holes into the slabs that need to be lifted. You can feel at ease knowing that these holes are much smaller and require fewer injection points than mudjacking. From there, we inject the two-part foam into the void. The slabs are raised back to their proper position as the foam reacts and expands. Once we’re done, we’ll seal the holes and you have the flat surface you’ve always wanted. Again, there’s no mess or crossing your fingers that the soil underneath won’t expand. Best of all, the poly foam adds strength and load-bearing capability, ensuring your slab remains in good shape for years to come.

About Our Concrete Repair Team

For years, it was a nightmare to try dealing with concrete repair. At Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, we’ve simplified the process with innovative solutions such as poly foam. Family owned and operated, customers appreciate that we put them first. It’s no secret that concrete leveling is foreign to a lot of folks, which is why are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our concrete contractors have seen just about every issue imaginable in this industry and we care about bringing quality service to you at an affordable price. Rather than getting talked into mudjacking, give Concrete Leveling Technologies a call to discuss alternatives.    

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