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Whether you are a returning customer or just found our website, we want to welcome you to Concrete Leveling Technologies! For years, our concrete leveling team has been servicing folks in central Texas and Austin. We simplified what used to be an extensive task and turned it into something much easier and more manageable thanks to today’s technology.

So what makes us different than the average concrete repair company? Well, we are proud to be family-owned and operated. We put clients first and ensure that your concrete is safe and level. Plus, our staff is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of concrete services. Below are just a few of the concrete services that we have to offer.

Concrete Slab Leveling

We can easily level your settled, unstable concrete slabs. Our team injects a hydrophobic geopolymer expanding foam beneath the concrete, allowing us to raise it back to its proper position. The foam offers a dual purpose as it fills voids and lifts at the same time, providing a stable base.

Many concrete leveling repair companies may provide a similar service, but fail to execute it in a way that our team does at Concrete Leveling Technologies. For example, our process is incredibly fast and won’t create a mess. Not to mention, our concrete services and products are environmentally friendly. If you feel that concrete slab leveling could be of us at your property, click here to learn more about the service.

Expansion Joints & Caulking

What exactly are expansion joints? They’re typically wooden 1 x 4’s that are inserted during a home’s construction to compensate for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Over time, homeowners will find that expansion joints deteriorate, allowing water to penetrate beneath the slab. This can eventually result in settling and an uneven surface.

Fortunately, Concrete Leveling Technologies can effectively replace expansion joints to prevent further damage. To start, our team will remove the rotted wood from the joints and clean them out. Then after taping around the join, we fill it with a silicone-based caulk. Doing so creates a watertight seal that expands and contracts along with the slabs to keep water out. Customers also appreciate that the watertight seal is UV-resistant.

Concrete Repairs

What a pain concrete repairs were in the past! For one, you’d likely have to wait several weeks for the surface to be back in service once it was replaced. The repairs themselves were messy and costly. At Concrete Leveling Technologies, we use foam to take on a client’s settled concrete.

We’ll initially drill penny-sized holes into the slabs. At that point, we inject a two-part polyurethane foam into the void. Once the foam reacts and expands, the slabs are raised back to their proper position. We’ll complete the project by sealing the holes, allowing you to have that flat surface you’ve always wanted! But here’s the difference between mudjacking and our concrete stabilization method. Whereas mudjacking can often be messy, invasive, and provide just a temporary fix, the poly foam add strength and load-bearing capability to the soil beneath, ensuring your slab will last.

For more information or to get a free estimate, contact our team today.