The Dangers of a Cracked Pool Deck

It’s more or less inevitable that, as time goes on, your pool deck will start to crack. And, while you may be tempted to just ignore it and carry on with business as usual, cracks in the concrete of your pool deck can actually be very dangerous and should be addressed promptly. In today’s blog at Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, our concrete contractors briefly discuss some of the dangers associated with cracks in the concrete of your pool deck. Keep reading to learn more and, if you are in need of professional concrete contractors for concrete repair and leveling, be sure to contact Concrete Leveling Technologies today.

Why Concrete Cracks

Before we dive into the perils that a cracked pool deck can bring, we’d like to make a few notes on why concrete cracks. The second you spot a crack or imperfection in your concrete, it may be tempting to dial up the folks who installed it and blame them for the cracks. But, it’s important to know that even with perfect concrete installation/pouring, it’s not uncommon for cracks to form. While poor craftsmanship can certainly be one factor, it could be that the shifting of soil, weather, or the age of the concrete is to blame. It’s extremely rare to have concrete poured that never cracks.

Tripping and Slipping Hazard

Perhaps one of the largest and most notable concerns about cracks in your pool deck is safety. Larger cracks and uneven concrete turn an already slip-prone surface into a major hazard. It’s tricky enough walking on concrete with wet feet, but wet feet and an uneven surface? That’s a recipe for disaster. To keep you and anyone else who may be using your pool this summer safe, contact professional concrete contractors to address any cracks in your pool deck or uneven concrete right away.

Cracks Typically Worsen Over Time

At first, hairline cracks in your pool deck aren’t too much of a problem. But, over time, most cracks worsen. Something that’s not a problem today could wind up being a major problem down the road. In most cases, our concrete contractors recommend nipping any cracks in the bud before they have the chance to worsen and become more difficult/costly to repair.

Damage to Your Pool and Property

When concrete slabs shift and settle over time after cracking, the weight of the slab doesn’t stay in one place, it shifts and settles in other places as well. While this may sound harmless, the weight of the concrete slab in the wrong area can apply unnecessary pressure to the concrete of the pool’s concrete. This extra strain can cause your pool walls and coping to crack and ultimately create a leak! So while cracks and imperfections in the concrete of your pool deck are not only a safety hazard, they can also create substantial headaches via property damage.

Contact Our Austin Concrete Contractors

When it comes to cracked or uneven concrete, it’s best to act quickly not just for the danger of tripping, but also to the danger of it becoming a much more expensive problem later on if left unaddressed. If your pool deck surface is cracked or uneven, be sure to reach out to Austin’s premier concrete contractor, Concrete Leveling Technologies! We look forward to working with you.