Signs Your Pool Deck Needs Repairs

It’s currently a sweltering 96 degrees in Austin as we write this post. If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, hopefully, you’re able to beat some of this heat from the comfort of your backyard. 

Take a look at your pool for a moment, specifically the pool deck. Does it appear level and stable or do you notice any cracks? The reality is that an uneven, damaged pool deck poses a serious hazard for family members and guests. 

Here at Concrete Leveling Technologies, we’re seeing that pool deck settling is becoming more common every summer in Austin. Our team can often trace this issue back to when the concrete decking gets poured. The soil does not get compacted well enough and, as a result, settles and erodes over time.

This eventually causes a domino effect with the slab in that the soil can no longer support the weight of the concrete. While there are times when a pool deck takes years to show signs of settling, there are also instances when a pool deck drops significantly at once.

Now for the million-dollar question — how do you know if need pool deck repair? Here are a few things to look for: 

Excessive slope

Does it feel as though you’re walking downhill when you get out of your pool? If so, we’re willing to bet that your concrete has already settled. Keep in mind that water may start to collect in areas away from the pool due to the slope.

Uneven concrete

It’s common for settled pool decks to become uneven at the joints between slabs. As you might imagine, this becomes a tripping hazard for you, your family, your guests, and your pets. Trust us when we say that uneven concrete near a pool is a recipe for disaster.


This is probably the most noticeable indicator that your pool deck has settled. Just know that cracks form in the early stages of settlement, so the sooner you spot them, the better.

Pool Deck Repair In Austin

Few things can ruin an entire summer of backyard pool fun. Unfortunately, an uneven or settled pool deck is one of them. That’s why we suggest learning more about pool deck repair offered by the team at Concrete Leveling Technologies.

Our main goal with this kind of project is to effectively raise the slabs that have sunk. For other concrete contractors, this might mean ripping up your entire deck and creating an absolute mess for weeks on end. However, at Concrete Leveling Technologies, we have the right machinery and eco-friendly materials that allow us to provide a long-lasting, non-invasive concrete leveling solution. 

So what’s the secret? Well, once we have created tiny holes in the sunken concrete slabs, we inject our powerful polyurethane foam underneath the surface and watch it go to work. When it’s all said and done, you have a nice, level pool deck once again with little fuss, mess, or downtime.

Get back to enjoying your pool — contact the pros at Concrete Leveling Technologies to learn more about pool deck repair in Austin.