Must-Know Concrete Repair Myths

If you’ve never had to deal with it, concrete repair can be intimidating. Maybe you’ve heard it’s costly, invasive, or risky. Frankly, though, these are misconceptions. In this blog post, Concrete Leveling Technologies will debunk some of the more common myths you’ve heard about concrete leveling and repair.

  1. Any concrete contractor is qualified for the job – Homeowners try to save money wherever possible, including with major construction projects. The common approach we see is to get a few estimates and then go with the most inexpensive company. However, there are countless scammers out there who claim to be highly qualified, experienced professionals in the concrete leveling industry. Would you really want one of these folks just making matters worse with your concrete dilemma? At Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, we encourage homeowners to do some research and look specifically for certifications, reviews, and testimonials.
  2. All concrete repairs cost an arm and a leg – There’s no question that some foundation repairs can be costly. But not every project is extremely expensive. Our team of concrete contractors uses only the most innovative technology, such as polyurethane foam, meaning repairs are nowhere near costly as they used to be. In turn, those savings are passed onto you.
  3. It’s sufficient to just fill cracks in the foundation – We cringe when homeowners tell us this. It’s important to know that cracks are a sign of foundational damage as opposed to the root of the problem. Keep in mind that when concrete settles, it results in unsightly cracks due to its weight. An experienced concrete contractor should be able to effectively seal them for you, preventing future problems.
  4. Concrete issues develop as a result of problems with the way my home was built – It’s not exactly accurate that because your home is experiencing foundation issues that the foundation is of low quality. We routinely explain to customers that foundation problems arise from changes in the soil below a home. Soil expands and shrinks in different conditions, causing the home to settle, its walls to bow, etc.  
  5. Concrete repairs ruin my yard – This is another major worry of homeowners. They have a beautiful lawn, garden, or both and are concerned that all the digging will do major damage. Just know that not all fixes involve excavation. In fact, the poly foam we use is fast, won’t create a mess, and provides a long-term concrete leveling solution. Customers appreciate that we respect their property and clean up after ourselves. Rest assured that your landscaping will not be compromised.
  6. I can handle the concrete issues on my own – Those of us in the concrete industry make things look much easier than they really are. Unless you have previous experience with foundation repair, please steer clear of doing anything on your own. Even making one mistake can do significant damage to your home’s structure, costing you thousands of dollars. It’s best to leave this type of work in the hands of a professional.  

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