Improvements to Make Before Selling Your House

Selling a house is rarely a walk in the park. Should you overlook the details and decide to cut corners during the process, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Granted, hiring an agent helps, but what else will ensure that ideal selling price?

Well, improving your home’s presentation is an absolute must. Here are a few things to do before putting a house on the market:

  1. Fix exterior defects – Take a look at your front door. Is it visible and accessible to prospective buyers? Then shift your attention to the yard. If necessary, get in touch with a local landscaping company for mowing and pruning. Lastly, take the time to fix broken screens, doorbells, roof tiles, and outdoor lighting. While these might seem like trivial things, they matter to buyers.
  2. Perform a thorough cleaning – Prospective buyers will be picky about the cleanliness of homes they tour. In particular, remember to pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms. Notice unsightly stains on rugs and carpets? Then consider hiring a professional cleaning company for assistance. You might have the most beautiful home in Austin. But if a potential buyer gets a whiff of that nasty odor while inside, chances are they’re going to look elsewhere.
  3. Add a fresh coat of paint – Looking for an inexpensive way to get more bang for your buck? A fresh coat of paint can certainly do the trick. Our best piece of advice? Opt for nature- and spa-inspired neutral colors such as subtle gray. Of course, you will want to steer clear of loud, bright colors such as neon red.
  4. Hide everyday items – This is an incredibly busy time for homeowners. Obviously, you want the place looking its best. But what about personal items such as pet dishes, toys, and other personal items? Is it really that big of a deal to leave them during showings and open houses? The short answer is: Sort of. When prospective buyers look at your residence, they want to picture their own family in the house, not somebody else’s. We recommend investing in a storage unit until you’ve come to an agreement with a buyer.
  5. Hire a concrete contractor – You always seem to be ahead of the game when it comes to home maintenance. However, if you notice cracks or sagging areas in the concrete, you’re likely looking at a monstrosity of a challenge. It goes without saying that prospective home buyers will want driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other residential surfaces to be level. So, before doing anything else, be sure to consult a concrete leveling specialist.

Our Concrete Leveling Professionals

Our team at Concrete Leveling Technologies Austin is proud to offer a variety of top-notch concrete services. Unlike competitors, we don’t use invasive, short-term approaches such as mudjacking. Instead, our concrete contractors utilize polyurethane foam to handle concrete repair projects.

There’s no question that a strong foundation is essential for any structure. Why let unleveled, settled concrete throw a wrench into your real estate opportunity? See what Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin can do for you.