How to Maintain Your Pool Deck

In our most recent post, we looked at the signs your pool deck needs repairs. But once this space is fixed, how do you ensure it looks good for years to come? Here are three tips for cleaning and maintaining your pool deck from our team at Concrete Leveling Technologies:

Pressure wash

Some Austin homeowners spend all day scrubbing their pool deck in the hope of making it look new. But what if you don’t have the time or energy to take on such an endeavor? Here at Concrete Leveling Technologies, we suggest pressure washing your pool deck for the ultimate clean.

Pressure washing allows you to remove weeds and debris in a fraction of the time. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals potentially ruining the surface or having a negative impact on pets and children. Just be sure you know how to work a pressure washer before using one on your pool deck!

Seal concrete 

Can’t remember ever sealing the concrete near your pool? The fact is that sealed concrete is much less likely to crack in the future. Sealing is especially important for areas such as a pool deck, where contact with water happens frequently.

Fix cracks

It’s almost impossible to stop cracks from developing in your concrete. Whether they’re caused by freezing temperatures or other environmental factors, cracks can turn into eyesores and safety hazards before you know it. Our advice is to patch the cracks on your property as soon as possible. 

Unmatched Pool Deck Repair In Austin

Now that we’ve discussed pool deck cleaning and maintenance at length, let’s dive into pool deck repair for a bit. There’s no question that a cracked, uneven deck can ruin a summer of relaxing in your pool. This is where the experienced team at Concrete Leveling Technologies comes into play.

For years, Austin residents have relied on us to provide safe, effective, and long-term concrete solutions. Unlike other companies that force an area out of service for seemingly days on end, Concrete Leveling Technologies uses the most innovative, environmentally-friendly techniques. No longer do you have to settle for the adverse effects that come from mudjacking and other traditional concrete repair methods.

Our pool deck repair process is pretty straightforward. Once we’ve created penny-sized holes in your sunken concrete slabs, we inject our two-part polyurethane foam and watch it go to work. This self-rising mixture fills in the loose soil, which allows you to have a level and stable pool deck once again. 

Here at Concrete Leveling Technologies, we understand that trying to deal with a concrete dilemma can be confusing. While your first thought may be to turn concrete repair into a DIY project, we suggest turning to professionals instead. Trust us — we’ve seen a number of homeowners end up paying twice to have the project done right because they failed to hire a concrete contractor right from the start.

We are ready to earn your business! Contact Concrete Leveling Technologies today to request an estimate.