Get to Know Your Concrete Leveling Options

We rarely think about it, but a level foundation remains crucial to the stability of any structure. Over time, however, you will begin to notice that the soil around your home or business settles. That leaves you with a major decision in terms of correcting the slab foundation. Do you choose mudjacking or foam leveling as your concrete leveling solution? In this blog post, we will go over each technique at length.


This method consists of concrete being poured or pumped under an existing slab that has been cracked in order to level out the different areas. In turn, the surface is made flat again. Keep in mind that companies will typically use mudjacking for cement floor leveling and concrete patio leveling. So how exactly does mudjacking work? Well, holes are drilled in the concrete slab around the area that’s cracked or sagging. From there, new concrete is pumped into those holes to “jack up,” or raise the level of concrete that’s causing the problem. As explained in this guide from Homeadvisor, concrete contractors have relied on mudjacking techniques for quite some time.  

Polyurethane Foam Leveling

Many homeowners and concrete repair companies alike are moving away from mudjacking for concrete leveling. We will compare/contrast mudjacking and polyurethane foam leveling in an upcoming blog post, but for now, let’s go over this other concrete leveling method. Polyurethane foam tends to be a stronger and longer-lasting alternative to mudjacking. Here’s how it works. Our team will drill penny-sized holes into the concrete slabs that need to be lifted. We then inject two-part polyurethane foam into the void. The foam then does its magic reacting and expanding while the slabs are raised back to their proper position. As a finishing touch, we seal the holes so that you can get back to enjoying a nice, flat surface.

At Concrete Leveling Technologies in Austin, we only use poly foam to repair our clients’ settled concrete. You can feel comfortable knowing that the foam adds plenty of strength and load-bearing capability to the soil beneath to ensure the slab will stand the test of time.

Elite Concrete Leveling Professionals

For years, those in Austin and throughout central Texas have put their trust in Concrete Leveling Technologies. We understand that it can be difficult and even a bit scary dealing with settled concrete. With that in mind, we also realize that the majority of concrete contractors use mudjacking as their primary concrete leveling technique. There’s no need to be concerned when you call us for concrete services. We’ve made the process much simpler by taking advantage of today’s technologies. Leveling with foam is a much safer and less invasive strategy in comparison to mudjacking. Not to mention, it also fixes the root of the problem.

Have you ever researched how to level concrete on your own? There may be some videos out there that make the process seem way easier than it really is, but it’s best to leave this work to the experts. Should you make a mistake, you’re likely looking at a much more expensive project than you first began.

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