5 Signs Your Property Requires Concrete Repair

Take a long look at your driveway and patio. Can you tell if either is in need of concrete repair? As Austin’s preferred concrete contractor, we understand what warrants repairs here at Concrete Leveling Technologies.

Here are five signs your property requires concrete repair:


At first glance, cracks in your concrete may not seem like an issue. What many homeowners don’t realize, though, is that these cracks will only continue to expand. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on concrete, especially if it’s already damaged. Be sure to read “How Texas Weather Can Damage Your Concrete” for additional information regarding this topic.  

You’ll see that settled concrete typically leads to unsightly cracks because of the extra weight. With that in mind, don’t underestimate what even a minor crack can do to your property. Stay ahead of concrete cracks and contact a professional once you notice them.

Water Pooling

Maybe you recently noticed water pooling on your patio or driveway. Either case may indicate a drainage problem on your property. Don’t let this turn into a costly endeavor — reach out to a concrete repair team as soon as possible.


Potholes form when the dirt underneath your driveways begins to expand or contract. Add in the constant vehicle traffic and you’re left with caved-in concrete, resulting in unsightly potholes. Get in touch with Concrete Leveling Technologies today to ask about pothole repair in Austin.

Aged Look

We bet you didn’t know that concrete takes on a weathered appearance over time. Whether you’re trying to sell your home for top dollar or you just want your concrete to look as good as it did years ago, we suggest looking into resurfacing, waterproofing, and sealcoating. Keep in mind that putting off this project leaves your aged concrete susceptible to damage.

Uneven Concrete

This is what we specialize in at Concrete Leveling Technologies. When the soil beneath your concrete slab can no longer support the weight of the concrete, you’re going to be left with an uneven slab. Not only is unlevel concrete a major eyesore, but it also presents a hazard for anyone walking around the area.

Concrete Leveling Technologies has years of experience when it comes to fixing uneven concrete. Once we complete this process, we seal your expansion joints with silicone to protect the slabs from any additional damage. Though it may seem trivial, this additional step we take prevents water from getting underneath the slab.

Choose Us For Concrete Leveling In Austin

There’s no question that uneven, damaged concrete can leave you with a sinking feeling. While you certainly want to fix the problem in a timely manner, you don’t want to break the bank doing so. Rest assured that Concrete Leveling Technologies offers affordable concrete repair solutions that will last for years to come.

See for yourself what makes us one of the top-rated concrete services in Austin. Contact the team at Concrete Leveling Technologies today for a free assessment!