Concrete Leveling and Austin Smith—A Better Option

Our front sidewalk had four sinking panels. It looked unsightly. What to do—dig up, replace the cement panels with a new pour, with all the inconvenience, or was there another option? I posted on Home Advisor and a company contacted me with a better solution—leveling the concrete slabs instead of digging up and replacing them. Today, a company called “Concrete Leveling” showed up, drilled a few small holes and injected a Styrofoam product into the holes. This process simply lifted up the slabs, until they were level. When finished, it only took about 30 minutes for the Styrofoam to harden. Replacing the concrete would have resulted in half of the sidewalk looking new, with the other half looking weathered and aged, very unsightly. Replacing the concrete would also have cost more than twice as much than leveling it. We are very pleased with the aesthetics of Austin Smith’s work. In addition, his company, Concrete Leveling, can level sidewalks, patios, driveways and other items. I most pleased to recommend “Concrete Leveling” and Austin Smith. He can be reached at: 512-464-1196.