You’ve had uneven concrete for the longest time. For a while, maybe you were able to get away with it. Recently, though, the unstable concrete has become both an eyesore and a safety hazard. So what’s your plan of action? Well, you could take matters into your own hands and attempt a DIY repair. But the reality is that you’re probably going to make things worse and more costly down the road. That’s why it’s so critical to get in touch with professional concrete services now. For years, folks in McLennan County have relied on Concrete Leveling Technologies for the highest quality of work.

What to Expect With Our Concrete Services

At Concrete Leveling Technologies, we aren’t stuck using old repair techniques that are messy, expensive, and time-consuming. Rather, we use polyurethane foam to repair clients’ settled concrete. Here’s how it works: we first drill penny-sized holes into the slabs that need to be lifted. Then our team injects a two-part foam into the void. The slabs are effectively raised back to their proper position as the foam reacts and expands. Once we’re done, you have a completely flat surface that’s going to last for years to come.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Leveling?

There are plenty of concrete stabilization services out there, so why go with us? For one thing, we are family owned and operated. We take great pride in providing unmatched customer service and answering any questions you may have during the process. Of course, we’re also committed to giving customers the best solution possible by using eco-friendly materials.

Are you a veteran, law enforcement officer, firefighter, or teacher? Please be sure to ask about our 10 percent discount. We give back to our community whenever possible and want to do our part to say thank you for letting us help with your concrete leveling project.

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