Not too many people know how to effectively repair concrete. Sure, there are plenty of temporary things you can do that will mask the problem. But when it comes to finding a long-term solution, you need a reliable concrete expert on your side. Our Central Texas Top Rated Local® concrete leveling contractor is here to take care of you. We are proud to offer a solution that’s much less invasive than traditional mudjacking. Our environmentally friendly polyurethane foam effectively raises your concrete, stabilizes its surface, and repairs the damage that’s been caused.  

Concrete Slab Leveling You Can Trust

We are often asked by customers, “What’s the secret to your poly foam?” Well, not only does the foam fill voids, but it also lifts at the same time. This dual action provides the most stable base possible. At Concrete Leveling Technologies, our process is fast and won’t create the mess that traditional methods (such as mudjacking) typically do. You can feel at ease knowing that our poly foam is the perfect solution for everything from driveways and pool decks to parking lots and concrete roads.

Expansion Joints and Caulking

Are your expansion joints starting to deteriorate? We can replace them with an easy process that helps prevent future damage. First, our concrete contractor removes the rotted wood from the joints and cleans them out. Once we finish taping around the joint, we fill it with a silicone-based caulk. This creates a watertight seal that expands and contracts along with the slabs to keep water out. What’s even better is that the seal is UV-resistant!

Concrete Crack Repairs

Settled concrete can lead to unsightly cracks due to extra weight. Whether it’s your home or business space that’s in need of crack repairs, we can help.

Don’t try to tackle concrete lifting on your own. See what Concrete Leveling Technologies can do for you. Call now for a free estimate.