Sinking concrete can undoubtedly give folks a sinking feeling. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. At Concrete Leveling Technologies, we offer a solution that’s much less invasive than traditional mudjacking. Our polyurethane foam works to raise your concrete, stabilizing its surface and repairing the damage that’s been caused. Family owned and operated, we are more than just a concrete repair team. For years, residents in Blanco County and throughout central Texas have relied on us for the highest quality of work.

Poly Foam Concrete Repair

Maybe you remember the days when concrete repairs were messy, expensive, and time-consuming. That’s no longer the case. The team at Concrete Leveling Technologies steer clear of messy, invasive methods such as mudjacking. Instead, we use foam to repair settled concrete. The process is simple. First, we drill penny-sized holes into the slabs that need to be lifted. From there, we inject a two-part foam into the void. The magic happens when the foam reacts and expands because the slabs are raised back to the proper position. Once finished, we seal the holes so you can start enjoying a flat surface. What else makes poly foam so effective in the world of concrete? The fact that it adds strength and load-bearing capability to the soil beneath ensures the slab lasts for years to come.

The sad reality is that many concrete companies take advantage of clients. That’s not how we do things, though. Our team at Concrete Leveling Technologies does the little things such as arriving on time, taking an in-depth evaluation, and providing the most affordable options based on your particular situation. Of course, the products we use are environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about the poly foam breaking down or releasing harmful chemicals into the soil.

Let us be your choice for concrete services in central Texas. Call now.