Not many people grow up saying they want to start a concrete levelling business. It’s not a very glamorous occupation. You deal with concrete all day, which is water, sand, small rocks, and some cement. It can get messy when mixed. Basically, when you become a concrete leveling expert, you become a doctor for a rock mixture: repairing concrete when it’s broken and replacing concrete when it’s caput.

We here at Concrete Leveling Technologies in Converse love providing concrete leveling solutions when your concrete needs attention. Oftentimes, it’s something that is simple and takes a short amount of time. Then we can leave your concrete in better-than-new condition afterward.

We use polyurethane foam to level your sagging concrete, which is simply injected into small holes and then it rises. We also seal expansion joints in your concrete with silicone that will help ensure your concrete stays level. It also prevents water from seeping in below the concrete, which can contribute to another sinking concrete slab problem.

Converse is such a beautiful place to live that you want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, which means having amazing concrete structures that are safe, durable, and look good. Contact us today for your free concrete estimate!

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